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Hey! We’re Ryan and Melissa! Husband and wife and new parents living in Nashville, Tennessee! We're all about building a foundation. The foundation is love. Whether it's learning how to communicate together about feelings or what to do with your money, the foundation is love. We’re nowhere near perfect, but we’re committed to expressing love.


We got a house!!


The long, arduous process of house hunting in 2022 is over!

It honestly felt like dating, but worse.

A home would hit the market on a Friday with an open house scheduled for Sunday. The houses would sell before the open house even took place!

On top of all of that, we had implemented a few tips to save for a house.

Growing up, I always moved a lot. I enjoyed it too. I have fond memories of running through houses, hiding in closets, and claiming bedrooms as mine.

I always loved going to open houses as an adult too. Melissa and I used to do it for fun.

Once the home buying process started and we were actually searching for a home in Tennessee, it was not fun.

So weird how emotions flare up, we get attached to homes we like, and just how chaotic life feels when the home situation is up in the air.

But for us, we’re jumping off of the roller coaster of emotions caused by the real estate market.

Now it’s time for us to get into the roller coaster of chaos and get our apartment packed up for the move!!

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