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Hey! We’re Ryan and Melissa! Husband and wife and new parents living in Nashville, Tennessee! We're all about building a foundation. The foundation is love. Whether it's learning how to communicate together about feelings or what to do with your money, the foundation is love. We’re nowhere near perfect, but we’re committed to expressing love.


Decorate with us for Christmas 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

Time to decorate the house for Christmas.

Christmas memories

When I was a teenager, I always loved going on the ladder and the roof to hang the lights. My mom always decorated the inside of the house so beautifully.

It’s weird being the one responsible for all of the Christmas decorations now. I give us a C or a D on our decor skills this year.

Tough crowd.

When I was younger, I never realized how expensive it actually is to get the decor in the first place. It’s definitely not an “all in one year” type of expense.

Because of that, our decor just feels incomplete this year.

We did take a HUGE step this Christmas, though!

We got a fake tree for the first time ever! We decided it would pay for itself in two seasons, it would be easier to set up and maintain, and we could easily change the light color on the tree.

What really sold it for us this year was us planning to go out of town for two weeks in mid December. We didn’t want to not have a Christmas tree until December 20th, so we decided to pull the trigger on a fake on right after Thanksgiving.

Creating our own traditions

My favorite tradition that Melissa and I have created is getting ornaments from the places we visit each year. 

It’s so fun reminiscing about our fun times together while decorating the tree. It’s fun to see how many years back our relationship goes and to really appreciate all of our great memories together.

Melissa is so thoughtful about it too!

This was a huge year for us getting Lucia and a house and what do you know…she got us ornaments to remember these awesome memories every year going forward.

It’s weird thinking about what traditions we want to have when we have kids. That’s been a frequent thought lately…one that I think can only really be solved as we get into the fun of parenting.

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