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Hey! We’re Ryan and Melissa! Husband and wife and new parents living in Nashville, Tennessee! We're all about building a foundation. The foundation is love. Whether it's learning how to communicate together about feelings or what to do with your money, the foundation is love. We’re nowhere near perfect, but we’re committed to expressing love.


A lovely fall new jersey wedding

This was a special weekend for us!

We went to New Jersey to celebrate Melissa’s cousin’s wedding!

The best part of weddings

Ever since our wedding, we feel more connected to weddings because each one is a reminder of our love.

And we’re celebrating the love of our loved ones.

It was also really special because the whole family got together.

The last time the whole family got together, I got the push I needed to finally propose to Melissa.

There was no actual push or conversation…I just realized I wanted this to be my family, too.

I was dragging my feet due to wounds from my childhood and it was the trip that helped me break through the imaginary chains.

So this wedding was the first time the whole family was together since that realization.

And it was an awesome experience! I feel so thankful for this family and the fun that we all have together.

We danced the night away and stayed past my bedtime. Still recovering from the loss of sleep.

We had to dance under it and take in the beauty of the moment.

After exploring the little shops in the town, we set off to our fall foliage drive, which was our actual bucket list item.

Our favorite place – the Poconos

The day after the wedding, we took a trip to the Poconos, which is another special place for us.

Melissa’s family has a lake house and they have been renovating it for the last few months. They’re in the final stages of the project and it’s looking awesome!

We’re debating whether to spend an extended period of time there this winter or not.

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