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Hey! We’re Ryan and Melissa! Husband and wife and new parents living in Nashville, Tennessee! We're all about building a foundation. The foundation is love. Whether it's learning how to communicate together about feelings or what to do with your money, the foundation is love. We’re nowhere near perfect, but we’re committed to expressing love.


Relaxing Sunday morning and our *health scare*

There is nothing better than the morning time of every day. Especially on a relaxing sunday.

Life just feels slower.

The sun rises, the birds chirp, the air feels fresh and cool, and life slowly awakens.

My favorite routine lately is not setting an alarm to wake up. This is how I know my body is getting the right amount of sleep it needs.

A bedtime around 9-10pm usually has my body waking up around 6:30-7:15am.

I fire up the sauna and then take a stroll around the neighborhood and admire life.

After I get home, I get my sweat in.

I don’t have any particular workout goals since I shifted my goal to simply sweat daily. I figure if I do something that makes me sweat every day then I am doing enough to keep my body healthy.

After a nice sauna sesh, I dunk in the pool to fulfill my goal of get cold on purpose every day.

There is almost nothing better than the feeling after a cold plunge.

My body feels awake, stimulated and ready for the day.

After the morning sweat, I’ll wake up sweet Lucia and we have a nice family cuddle sesh in bed.

The only thing better than a cold plunge is puppy cuddles.

Melissa never really used to be into eating breakfast until she got pregnant. Baby Page needs the nutrition!

We’ve been super into making avocado toast lately. It’s a nice way to get some healthy fats in, keep ourselves somewhat full but also not stuffed.

We’ve also been into supplementing lately with all kinds of goodies.

LMNT. Fish oil. Vitamin D. Beef liver. Magnesium. Zinc. Prenatals. Probiotics.

We had always wanted to supplement but were always worried about the cost. Since getting pregnant, the cost is worth it.

Growing a human is no joke!

They always say dads don’t become dads until the baby is born and I can see it, but I feel like I’ve started to view my life through a lens other than my own.

I’ve always believed life is a gift and so precious, but my experience this weekend really made me observe that reality.

I fainted this weekend.

Yea, it was a surprise to us, too.

We were at a friends for game night and I just started to get dizzy, ears started ringing and I just plopped down.

It’s not like it was a painful experience though.

I could have died in that moment and I would have felt nothing.

Life was here one moment and could have been gone the next.

This has happened to me once before, too, but it didn’t hit me like this one did.

Once I came back to reality I couldn’t help but give Melissa a huge hug and profess how much I love her.

It’s like she’s always needed me, but now she really needs me. The baby needs me.

If I’m not here then both of them would struggle.

In that moment I realized how much more significance my life has.

I think it’s a moment I’ll never forget.

The moment I realized my wife is my rock, we’re on the same team and need each other, I’m so excited to embark on this journey with her, and my life is so much bigger than anything I’ve ever considered it to be.

We’re literally creating and nurturing life together.

The scope of that is insane! It’s an honor to be in this position, we feel so blessed, and life is so precious.

Take care of yours with all you’ve got.

I can promise you I’ll be taking care of mine.